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DADS Marathon To Lansing, Aug 6-12, 2005

FRIDAY, August 12, 2005
From: DADS of Michigan


BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI Robb Mackenzie completes his 463 mile bicycle marathon from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to the Lansing, MI Capital on Friday, August 12. He is joined by Darren Brinkley for the last leg of the trip and greeted by Channel 10 News and supporters at the Capital. Bicyclers circled the Capital and stopped at the Department of Human Services building and received a very warm welcome of support. Robb, with is bright yellow jersey emblemmed with DADS of Michigan and Children Need Both Parents plaque, was greeted by his daughter, whom he has fought Michigan courts just to have a relationship with. His Mom and stepdaughter were proudly displaying signs of support. The Grandmother exclaimed that he has fought so hard with the courts to be involved in his daughters life and this allows me to see my granddaughter. Robb visited and was enthusiastically greeted at some of the offices of Senators and Representatives in the Capital building.

Check this web site under Publicity and News for pictures and follow-up interviews.

Thursday, August 11: Robb Mackenzie successfully reached Jackson, MI on Thursday at noon. He continues to get calls from followers and media during his trek. A Jackson, MI judge tried to abolish the FOC Citizens Advisory Council and nearly succeeded. The judge interfered with the law to establish the CAC.

Robb will depart Jackson early Friday morning and arrive at the Lansing Capital at 10:00 AM. There will be a ceremonial bike ride around the Capital beginning at 11:00 AM and a visit to many legislators offices afterward. See you there.

Wednesday, August 10: Robb Mackenzie successfully reached Charlotte, MI on Wednesday at 1:30 PM. (Check mapquest.com for the location). He was dowsed with rain but that did not stop Robb. His spirits are high and his Mom is
very proud. This Grandmother just wants to see her grandchildren. Wearing his DADS of Michigan jersey, Robb was delayed several times by people anxious to talk with him about the family courts.

Tuesday, August 9: Robb Mackenzie successfully reached Remus, MI on Tuesday in the mid afternoon. His cell phone has been ringing with calls from around the state, including the media. Passing cars are honking and giving the high five. He is sometimes delayed at rest stops as people are anxious to talk with him about the issues.

Monday, August 8: Robb Mackenzie reaches KalKaska on Route 66 in the lower peninsula on day 3 of his trek from the Upper Peninsula to Lansing to protest the bias of Michigan and US courts against Fathers and children. Mr. MacKenzie will be traveling along Hwy 66 from Kalkaska to Remus beginning at 7:30 AM on Tuesday, August 9.

Robert MacKenzie, a Corrections Officer at the Baraga Maximum Correctional Facility in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is riding his bicycle from the L’Anse Michigan Court House to the Capital Building in Lansing, Michigan to create awareness of the current injustice of custody and child support laws and practices. The 463 mile ride will begin at sunrise August 6th and
conclude at a noon celebration on August 12th in front of the Lansing Capital. Robb will be joined in Lansing by many other bicyclers from around the state. The purpose is to create public awareness of the bias found in the Michigan court system toward ‘sole custody’ rather than ‘joint custody’.

The itinerary of the trek: (check mapquest.com for the location)

August 7th – Munising to St Ignace
August 8th – St Ignace to Kalkaska, escorted across the Mackinac bridge
August 9th – Kalkaska to Remus
August 10th – Remus to Charlotte
August 11th – Jackson County Court House
August 12th – Lansing Capital

Michigan currently has 967,000 non-custodial parents affected by child support, divorce, or custody disputes. These parents frequently must fight and spend thousands of dollars to obtain contact with their children. Michigan courts frequently presume one parent is fit to raise children and excludes the other parent from the childrens lives, except for an occasional visit.

Below are some photos from the trek:


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