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Family and Divorce Support Groups Around the World
This link provides family and divorce support resources around the globe.

ACFC American Coalition of Fathers and Children
We, the members of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, hereby dedicate ourselves and our efforts to the creation of a family law system, legislative system, and public awareness which promotes equal rights for ALL parties affected by divorce, and the breakup of a family or establishment of paternity.

American Psychological Association
Based in Washington, DC, the American Psychological Association (APA) is a scientific and professional organization that represents psychology in the United States. With more than 150,000 members, APA is the largest association of psychologists worldwide.

Children Need Both Parents
We are a Family organization who advocate the rights of family and it’s members. Our goals include counseling to both parents, supervision of visitation which will allow parents to go on escorted outings with their children as opposed to visitation taking place in a designated room and workplace support. The need to expand services is based on attacking not the results of a problem, but the problem.

Children’s Rights Council
Formed in 1985, the Children’s Rights Council (CRC) is a national non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and extended family regardless of the parents’ marital status.

Citizens For Traditional Values
CTV seeks to broaden public understanding of the importance of personal freedom and traditional family values; and to work for the adoption of laws and public policies which reflect those values. This is accomplished by educating, networking, and mobilizing the pro-life, pro-family community.

DADS Empowered
A non-profit organization based in the metro Detroit, Michigan area whose mission is to increase the roles of fathers in the lives of their children. We primarily focus on empowering fathers in intact and blended families, though some of our workshops and discussions are helpful to men in divorce situations. We encourage you to browse our modest corner of cyberspace and learn more about how we can make easier and more fun the most important job a man will ever have.

Families Need Fathers
Based in London, Families Need Fathers is run almost entirely by volunteers and relies heavily on income from membership and donations. Without this income FNF could not survive. This website provides invaluable help to nearly 2000 people every week. Without it, many separated parents would be deprived of one of the best resources of its kind on the internet.

Family Rights Coalition
The Family Rights Coalition of Michigan is having a dramatic impact on the issues affecting families and children here in Michigan.

Farrell, Dr.Warren
Books and resources by Dr. Warren Farrell.
The Best Interests of the Child DVD

"Father": A Child’s Right
This Michigan web site provides excellent information on what is going on regarding Shared Parenting. A DADS and MOMS of Michigan affiliate.

Fathers Are Capable Too (FACT)
Fathers Are Capable Too is one of the largest non-custodial parents’ and children’s rights organizations in Canada dealing with custody and access. F.A.C.T. is an organization of both men and women working to support our children’s right to have a relationship with both parents. We are a not-for-profit non-custodial parents’ and fathers’ support and advocacy group.

Fathers Unit
On this site you will find over 1,200-pages of free educational material, legal templates, advice and resources from fathers and mothers.

Focus on the Family
Nurturing and Defending Families Worldwide is a service mark of Focus on the Family.

Girls Empowered
Welcome to Girls Empowered! Over 8,000 girls have participated in our programs. We offer after-school programs, in-school programs, Scout Workshops, daily classes at The Beverly Hills Club and summer day camps. Your daughter can spend time building her confidence and self-esteem and getting fit by participating in our camps one week, two weeks or many weeks!

Heritage Foundation family section
Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is a research and educational institute – a think tank – whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

Independent Institute
The mission of The Independent Institute is to transcend the all-too-common politicization and superficiality of public policy research and debate, redefine the debate over public issues, and foster new and effective directions for government reform.

Innocent DADS
To inform Dads who have been falsely accused by their ex-spouses, of what options they have, what works, what does not work, and the difficult struggle they are about to partake. I and many other Dads have gone through this terrible struggle and we do not want ANY person to walk in our paths. This site will take you through my journey and many others just like myself. Yes, there are other sites that also will help you. They are located in the "Sources" area.

Men and Fathers Resources – Leving, Jeffrey
We have assembled the following list of web sites related to fathers’, children’s and grandparents’ rights related to divorce, custody and visitation issues. We hope that these and other related sites aid you in your search for information.

Michigan Families Forum
We invite you to explore the navigation links to resources, brochures, booklets and other information to assist you in your quest for information on how to keep Michigan’s families strong and healthy.

Michigan Fatherhood Coalition
The Michigan Fatherhood Coalition (MFC) is committed to improving the well-being of children by increasing the number of children growing up with nurturing and committed fathers. MFC assists practitioners working in the human services field to more effectively work with fathers to help them become better parents with thriving children.

National Congress For Fathers and Children (NCFC)
The mission of the of the National Congress for Fathers and Children, Inc. is to serve as a national organization, to assist state and local efforts compatible with the goal of assisting fathers to remain actively involved in the lives of their children regardless of martial status. We provide a forum to coordinate local efforts to impact national initiatives and to bring national attention to local concerns of our affiliated organizations and members.

National Fatherhood Initiative
The National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) was founded in 1994 to lead a society-wide movement to confront the problem of father absence. NFI’s mission is to improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers.

Shared Parenting Forum
We are dedicated to the development of presumptive shared parenting laws in all 50 States in the United States. It is our belief that children deserve the love and dedication of both of their natural parents, and that the preservation of the parent-child bond is equally as important as the financial support of the child.

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