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Sep 27, ’06 – Restore the American Family – Equal Parents Week Rally, Wednesday September 27th, 2006
"The Best Parent is Both Parents"

EPW September 27 in Lansing was a gorgeous day as the sky opened up from the rain for an inspiring ceremony and a who’s who of speakers. The program was videoed, photographed, televised, published, and broadcast by numerous media throughout the State. Coincidentally, Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan published in the September issue of Referees Quarterly an article expounding on the family issues DOM has been advocating, which is children are significantly better off with both parents involvement, even if the parents are divorced or unwed. During EPW, we celebrate parenting and the wonderful contribution each parent can make in a Childs life. We need to encourage more of this.

Take a look at some of these wonderful pictures.





Sep 27, ’06 – DADS OF MICHIGAN will observe Equal Parents Week (EPW), September 24 – September 30, 2006. Equal Parents Week brings attention to the need for both parents to share their parental rights and responsibilities equally, the right of children to be raised and nurtured by both parents, and the right of families to exist and function as a family. These are civil and human rights inherent and inalienable to all families. Our recent national tragedies further highlight the importance of parents and family. Public and home candlelight vigils observing EPW and the victims of terrorism will also take place on September 27 across the nation and world.

Equal Parents Week 2006 Agenda (Tentative)

EPW Speaker Invite

Equal Parents Week 2006 Press Release


Please join us in Lansing at the Capitol East site on Wednesday September 27 between noon and 2:00 pm for the Equal Parents Rally and show your support for HB5267. We are going to bring one thousand parents and advocates to the Michigan State Capitol at noon on Wednesday September 27th as a voice of solidarity of our will to be an equal parent to our children. Fliers and printing instructions are available here:


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