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Oct, ’06 – October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month Domestic Violence is a problem throughout the globe. The World Health Organization weighed in on the topic several years ago and in 1994 the U.S. enacted the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), under the assumption that all domestic violence is only perpetrated by men. The military and U.S. Navy integrated women into combat positions in the late 80’s and on Navy combatant ships and sexual harassment and domestic violence training was implemented. The assumption was that it is a man on women issue. A different picture has emerged. Even though current laws, policy, and criminal justice procedure provide for the prosecution of men, many military and law enforcement officials started to prosecute women. In November 2005, the President signed the reauthorization of VAWA II, and with the extraordinary work of RADAR, it included protections and funding for men.

There are many Domestic Violence shelters and groups in Michigan and only a very few offer marginal services or are trained to provide services for men.

Check the Domestic Violence Wheel (DHHS) and domestic violence includes: false allegations, obstruction of parenting time, parental alienation, pushing, verbal abuse, denigration, and vindictiveness. Check the following documents for what you can do; avoid/separate from the conflict situation, development a trust relationship with a police officer, document the date/time and short description of the incident, report it.

Domestic Violence Wheel

Domestic Violence Report and Statistics

Facts – Domestic Violence

Facts – Restraining Order

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