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DADS and MOMS of Michigan 2005 Accomplishments

DADS and MOMS of Michigan is proud of the accomplishments in 2005 and looks forward to an even better year in 2006. This includes the work of DADS of Michigan, MOMS of Michigan, and DADS of Michigan PAC.

  • Conducted monthly education programs featuring notable authorities of family court and services, family law counseling, and education.
  • Expanded the DADS and MOMS University education series of programs to include the Family Court Basics program and recruited Directors to expand the program.
  • Completed a major revision of the web site to include many more resources for the members.
  • Co-Sponsored the Fathers and Families Conference 2005 featuring leading authorities from around the country on family issues and programs.
  • Increased and exceeded our fund raising goals.
  • Introduced several pieces of legislation including paternity, equal parenting, unwed parents, custody, and child support. See Legislative Update.
  • Provided expert testimony and position papers at numerous committee hearings in Lansing.
  • Lobbied legislators and candidates and the state and national level to provide education on family issues.
  • Completed vital research on child support, custody and visitation, and parenting.
  • Conducted two Legislative Forums in Lansing to educate legislators and policy makers.
  • Launched and supported the equal parenting bicycle marathon.
  • Worked on national programs including updates to VAWA to make it gender neutral.
  • Co-Sponsored the effort with Michigan and National groups to educate PBS regarding the documentary, "Breaking the Silence on domestic abuse. PBS ombudsman supported the view that the show was flawed reporting on gender issues and committed to an unbiased report in 2006.
  • Cosponsored efforts with Michigan and National groups to provide balanced reporting on child support. As a result of the coordinated efforts, supportwas withdrawn and companies such as Domino’s pizza withdrew support.
  • Revised and updated the bylaws to increase the scope and management of the organization, and increase the number of affiliate organizations around the state.
  • Increased the membership of PAC Delegates representing the 83 counties in Michigan.
  • Increased the council of experts of the DADS of Michigan PAC Policy Teams.
  • Joined the coalition of organizations in Michigan supporting family court reform.
  • Conducted an Equal Parents Week program in September.
  • Provided numerous radio, television, and newspaper interviews.
  • Serviced an average of 200 calls per month at our hotline.
  • Provided support to members at court hearings.
  • Launched an eNewsletter to inform members of developing events and legal tips.
  • Became the national sponsor of the ACFC Military Issues forum.
  • Thank you very much for your continued support in 2006.

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